Our Gift to You!

Get them off to a great start with £10 savings start up from BCU

Minor accounts opened with BCU before the child’s 2nd birthday are eligible for £10 start up lodgement.

Savings is a habit.  It is learned by doing.  If a child can develop a savings habit at a young age, it stays with them for life.  Saving gives children a feeling of independence and a sense of responsibility.

To open a minor saving account, simply call into any of our three offices during opening hours to complete a membership application form.

We need valid photographic ID (Valid driving licence or passport) and recent proof of address (dated within 3 months) for the signing parent, and a copy of the long birth certificate for each child joining.

Minor applicants aged 7 years and over, are required to sign on application forms and any subsequent withdrawals.

*£10 lodged by Bannvale Credit Union remains non withdrawable for first two years after lodgement.

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